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Archi-Arts has been designing, building and importing our very unique, but ever growing collection of home furnishings. We emphasize natural, simple and classic designs and we do our best to manufacture in as green a way as we can. We still build our furniture the old fashioned way using high quality and properly dried solid wood. We take great pride in what we do and we hope that you will enjoy our products for many years and perhaps even generations to come.


Beaver's Icehouse


Beaver’s is a great place to hang out and enjoy friends, fun drinks and great food. With menus that focus on Texas coastal cuisines and cocktails, beer and wine, Beaver’s takes the traditional Texas icehouse to another level.  This is where the now famous Bobby Heugel (Owner of Anvil Bar and Refuge) first came on to the scene.

In addition to layout and concept plan, our design work included: custom and vintage lighting, cartoon log chalkboards, hand painted murals spanning 60 feet in length, hand-cut mirror tiled walls, custom "3 Seater Barstools", upholstered banquettes with shotgun nail heads, outdoor signage, and most loved, the Beaver Memorabilia Wall.

The building on the corner of Decatur St. and Sawyer has been a Houston's Six Ward neighborhood icehouse for over 30 years. According to the locals, it was first called Doodie’s and then Beaver’s.